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The Ventanilla de Salud is a free program designed to help Mexican and Hispanic families to identify health services that they need in the United States and Mexico.

In a safe and friendly environment, the staff of the Ventanilla de Salud can refer individuals to the health services available in the area that they live and also provide information and education on a variety of health topics.



The VDS offers the following services:

—General public presentations

  • The main topics are:
    • Cancer
    • Diabetes
    • Nutrition
    • Life styles
    • Access to medical services and
    • Insurance programs
  • During our general presentations we also invite the attendants to have a free health screening with our personnel.


Health needs assessment and screenings

We perform individual Interviews with our standard survey to identify each individual needs.  We also offer two basic screenings, blood pressure and glucose.
Depending on the event we also offer other free screenings like:
  • Vision
  • HIV test
  • BMl
  • Tuberculosis
Depending on the event and the season we can also provide some other services like flu shots or mammograms.  Once the person has received the screenings we can set a profile of their needs and refer them to the services they need.



Depending of the services they need and the area where they live we refer them to the closest medical facility that can meet their needs and their economic status.
If possible we do the arrangements to have an appointment with a primary doctor or a specialist if needed.


Follow up

We try to keep record of our referrals and track them to make sure they receive the service they need.

Upcoming events

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Hours and Location

Monday through Friday from 8:30am to 2:00pm

Consular Section of
the Embassy of Mexico
1250 23rd St. NW
Washington, DC 20037

Tel. 202-736-1015

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